Tanya Mestayer, DVM

Dr. Tanya Mestayer has come full circle with her animal care experiences. Tanya grew up surrounded by animals, as she closely followed her father's career as a thoroughbred racehorse trainer and jockey. When Tanya was a high school freshman, her father was sidelined due to a training mishap. While he recovered, Tanya began working at a local bowling center, but she couldn't get her mind off the beautiful horses that had become an important part of her life. Now, Dr. Tanya is again surrounded by animals, as she cares for her clients' beloved pets every day!

Growing up between Louisiana and Texas, Tanya and her family followed her father's work on the thoroughbred racing circuit. After Tanya graduated from New Iberia Senior High School in 1993, she enrolled at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. While studying there, Tanya gained experience at a local veterinary hospital, and she was inspired by a veterinarian who encouraged her to follow her dream of a veterinary career. As Tanya moved along that path, she was pleased to receive her Bachelor of Science Degree in Animal Science in 1998. Of course, she was equally happy to become an official Ragin Cajun Alumni.

Next, Tanya entered veterinary school, enjoying the warm, sunny weather at St. George's School of Veterinary Medicine in Grenada, West Indies. Graduating in 2007, Dr. Tanya came back to Louisiana to complete her preceptorship, and by chance spent her first week with Dr. Renee Poirrier at Acadiana Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Tanya passed an important test, giving Dr. Renee's often-fussy cat Billy a physical exam with no trouble at all. Following that experience, Dr. Tanya was thrilled that Dr. Renee offered her a position as an associate veterinarian.

At Acadiana Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Tanya has a special affinity for surgery, especially soft tissue operations and basic orthopedic procedures. She believes in the benefits of physical therapy and is pleased that her patients can now receive physical therapy services on site. Dr. Tanya also focuses on client education, whether she's speaking to a current pet owner or a young 4-H member learning to take care of their new farm animal.

Of course, Dr. Tanya's animal-friendly household hosts six furry family members, two dogs and three cats. Henry the toy poodle and Jake the mixed are unlikely companions who have adapted well to each other. The cats include Charlie the mischievous; Huey the phantom tabby cat; and Bushy, who has some odd facial features but gives Dr. Tanya plenty of love. Bear, Dr. Tanya's beloved horse and Jeffrey the sheep who thinks he is a dog rounds out this multi-species menagerie.