As humans, managing our own health is pretty straightforward. When we’re sick or hurt, we call the doctor, make an appointment and receive the appropriate care to make us better.

When your pet becomes sick or injured, however, it’s not always that easy to figure out what’s wrong. Because animals cannot speak, they can’t tell us what’s bothering them. What’s more, many animals are able to mask the signs of illness or injury until it has progressed, making it much more difficult and costly to treat.

The best way to manage the ongoing health of our animal companions is through veterinary diagnostics. These tools allow our doctors to examine your pet from the inside, gathering all of the information needed to make a timely and accurate diagnosis. The sooner we can determine what is ailing your pet, the more effectively we can address the problem, improving the chances of a positive outcome. Acadiana Veterinary Clinic offers a broad spectrum of routine and advanced diagnostic services.

Laboratory work, such as blood work, is a vital key in diagnosing your pet’s illnesses and in detecting early signs of disease in regular health screening. In early stages of disease, many subtle changes occur in the blood that can give us hints of future problems before they become serious. When we can detect these changes early, we can address them in a timely and effective manner that will yield a longer, healthier life for your pet.

Our in-house diagnostic services include heartworm testing, cytology, complete analysis of routine blood work, urine and fecal samples. Should a situation occur for which we believe the second opinion of a specialist would benefit your pet, we are happy to provide a referral. In these instances, our staff will stay in close contact with our outside referral partner to ensure that your pet continues to receive the highest level of care available.

Our hospital features in-house radiology equipment, which enables us to safely and quickly assess the status of injuries or diseases that may be affecting your pet. X-rays help our veterinarians evaluate musculo-skeletal, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, reproductive and urinary systems. When we can see what’s happening inside your pet’s body like this, we can identify and address abnormalities quickly and effectively.

We also offer EKG monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, and ultrasound imaging as part of our comprehensive diagnostic care services. The combination of these technologies helps to provide additional information regarding your pet’s illnesses, thereby helping us to select the most appropriate treatment plan.

If your pet seems to be a bit under the weather and you’re concerned that an underlying illness or injury may be to blame, schedule a diagnostic evaluation right away. The sooner we are able to get to the bottom of whatever may be ailing your pet, the sooner we can get them back on the path to good health again.