Compassionate care from all docs and all staff consistently! I know I can trust anyone that works there and that truly gives me peace of mind for the care of my fur babies. Thanks for all you ALL do!
Camille L.
I truly felt everyone’s kindness and concern for my pet.
Y’all are just awesome!!
Excellent personl service and ginuine concern for my furbabies.
Great attention paid to how calm the animal was.
This is the first pet my husband and I have had together and she is a rescue dog. I am a crybaby when it comes to our Lucy! The staff is so wonderful, even when I worry them to death about her! I want to be the best doggy mommy possible and everyone at the Clinic is helping me get to that point! I asked God to send us to the Veterinarians that would be the best for Lucy – of course HE DID!
Charlotte H.
I have been using Acadiana Veterinary Clinic for years and have not received anything but excellent care by all staff and doctors.