Professional Pet Sitters Week

Professional Pet Sitters Week

It’s International Pet Sitters Week! This event is fairly new, and was founded by PSI, the world’s largest professional pet sitters organization. While your canine friend would love to go everywhere with you, that just isn’t always possible. And, while many people are working from home this year, there are still times that people need to leave their pets in the care of others. A local vet discusses pet sitting below.

Benefits of A Sitter

Why should you use a sitter or dog walker? They are a great solution for times when you are working long hours. Fido is usually pretty good about holding it, but he can only go so long. The fresh air, exercise, stimulation, and company a dog walker provides will definitely benefit your four-legged pal, and just help break up his alone time.

Sitter Or Boarding?

When should you use a pet sitter, as opposed to boarding your pup? While every circumstance is different, we would generally advise boarding if you’re going to be gone for longer than a day. It’s worth noting that many kennels have reduced their hours or capacity, or even paused their services, during the pandemic. This is definitely something to consider. 

Friends And Family

Many people opt to ask friends or family members to watch their dogs when they have to go away. There are some obvious benefits here: it’s often much cheaper, and people are comfortable leaving their pups in friendly, familiar hands. However, if something were to happen, that could strain—or even ruin—your relationship. You also won’t have the protection that a licensed sitter or kennel would offer you.

Choosing Fido’s Sitter

If you’re going to use a pet sitter, the first and biggest concern is screening applicants. Professional organizations do of course screen their applicants, but even this isn’t always foolproof. Ask for references, and read review sites. You may also want to ask your friends, family members, co-workers, and veterinarian if they have any recommendations. One thing that is very important is making sure that your canine buddy’s sitter or kennel is properly licensed, bonded, and insured. Of course, Fido should also be able to weigh in on the matter!

Trial Run

Whether you choose to go with boarding or pet sitting, we recommend starting out with a short trial run. In case of boarding, an overnight stay can help Fido get used to his home away from home. With pet sitters, it allows you a chance to see how things go.

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