How to Tell if a Snake is Right For You

How to Tell if a Snake is Right For You

Are you considering getting a snake for a pet? Snakes are very beautiful, and can make the perfect pet for the right person. Our serpentine pals aren’t the right match for everyone, however, so before getting a snake should be absolutely certain that you’ve made the right choice for you. Your Lafayette vet gives some tips on how to tell if a snake is right for you in this article.

You Want A Quiet Pet

One of the benefits of having a snake is that these beautiful reptiles don’t make much noise. If you want a silent pet, a snake may be perfect for you!

You Don’t Want A High Maintenance Pet

A snake’s daily care routine is very simple. Some will need fresh water daily, but you won’t need to feed your pet every day, or even every week. You will need to clean your pet’s habitat regularly, so there is still some work involved.

You Don’t Want To Deal With Odors

Healthy snakes have little to no odor, as long as their habitats are properly cleaned. This is another great benefit of having a snake for a pet.

You Have A Strong Stomach

Snakes generally must eat prey animals, either live or frozen. If you don’t have the stomach for this, then you may be better off choosing another type of pet.

You Don’t Need A Cuddly Pet

While some snakes are friendlier than others, few of them would qualify as cuddly. Some snakes seem to enjoy being handled, but even with the most sociable snake, you won’t exactly have a snuggly pet.

You Have Room For A Proper Habitat

While some snakes may not grow longer than a few feet, others can become very large. Make sure you know what your snake’s full length will be, and that can provide your snake a suitable home when it is full-grown.

You’ve Done Your Research

Deciding to adopt an animal –any animal– is a long-term commitment, and should be undertaken only after much consideration. Before buying a snake, do plenty of research! It’s very important that you know what is involved and what your pet will need from you, and are sure you can meet your reptile’s needs.

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