Why Do Dogs Snore?

Why Do Dogs Snore?

Does your pooch shake the walls of your Lafayette house when he’s sleeping? We’re guessing your pup’s snoring probably isn’t quite that extreme, but dogs can be quite loud when it comes to snoring. Many dog owners do wonder why their furry buddies snore so loudly. Some dogs end up being banished from sleeping in their humans’ bedrooms at night because they keep their people awake with their snoring.

Just like people, dogs snore for different reasons. Some dogs only snore when they are in a specific position. Other dogs were born to snore, and have been noisy sleepers since they were puppies. If you notice your dog snores while he sleeps on his back, you can try to roll Rover over, but if your pooch is a lifetime snorer, there probably isn’t much you can do about it. Certain breeds are more prone to snoring than others. Pugs, for instance, are notorious for snoring, and are quite adorable to watch when they are sawing logs. Boston Terriers also tend to make a lot of noise while they are sleeping.

Dogs sometimes snore for health-related reasons, so snoring can be a sign that something is wrong with your pup. If your dog has nasal issues, this can contribute to his snoring. Obesity is another thing which could cause Fido to snore. Doggy snoring can also be caused by respiratory problems, or something even more severe, such as a tumor or blockage. Dental issues are another thing which can cause your pooch to rumble in his sleep. Allergies can also cause snoring. If your dog’s nose seems stuffed up, check with your vet.

If your dog has always snored, it’s likely something in his anatomy that is making him sleep loudly. If Fido has only recently begun sawing logs in his sleep, however, check with your vet, as this could be an indication of a serious issue with your pup. It may be helpful to film a short video of your pooch snoring to show your vet, as you may find it difficult to explain the sound precisely. Also try to check and see if your dog’s snoring is accompanied by nasal discharge or drooling.

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