How to Tell if Your Bird is Stressed

How to Tell if Your Bird is Stressed

Birds are especially sensitive to stress, which can be caused by many factors like environmental triggers, other pets, or illness. Want to know how your bird might display her stress? Read on below as a Lafayette veterinarian fills you in.

Loss of Appetite

Many birds eat far less or nothing at all when they’re under great stress. Sometimes, other symptoms like obvious pain will display along with the appetite loss. If you witness these in your bird, check with your veterinarian immediately. Remember to check your bird’s food supply regularly to see if she’s eating properly.

Aggressive Behavior

Has your bird been lunging, biting, or vocalizing loudly when she usually doesn’t? This is a sign that your bird could be under stress, especially if they’re usually docile. It could also mean they’re in pain and don’t want to be touched. Since a variety of illnesses, injuries, or disorders could be the underlying cause of this behavior in your bird, it’s important to have her examined quickly.

Fearful Behavior

Some birds react to stress by acting more frightened or submissive than usual. If you see your bird hiding out constantly or if she seems scared of everything lately, something might be wrong. Many birds react to seemingly incongruous things, like a tiny noise or a family member’s new hairstyle.

Many cases of stress can be resolved by simply removing the stressor, so ask your vet what might be causing your bird’s behavior.

Destroying Cage Objects or Other Property

Have you seen your bird acting extra destructive recently, attacking cage items, tearing apart toys, and throwing food everywhere? This behavior could mean your bird is experiencing stress. It could also mean your bird is getting bored and acting out to entertain themselves or get attention.

Keep your Lafayette veterinarian’s number on hand to call if you see your bird exhibiting strange behavior. Prompt veterinary action can restore your bird’s stress levels to normal and keep everyone in the family happy!

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