Giving Your Dog a Pill

Giving Your Dog a Pill

At some point in a dog’s life, you’re almost certainly going to have to give him a pill. Unfortunately, this can be easier said than done with some dogs! Here, a Lafayette veterinarian offers a few tricks for getting your dog to swallow his medications.

The Hiding Method

Perhaps the easiest way to get your dog to take a pill is to hide it in food or treats. It works well with canned wet food—simply press the pill into a mass of the food and see if your dog gobbles up the food. With luck, he’ll never realize the pill was there! You can also try pressing the pill into a dog treat and slipping it to your dog.

Toss in Succession

Many dogs love catching treats or scraps in their mouths as they’re being tossed to them. You can try fooling your dog into swallowing his own medicine with this trick! First, toss a few regular dog treats to your pooch. Then, toss the pill. Follow this up quickly with another treat. If you do it seamlessly enough, there’s a good chance your dog won’t even realize he ate something different!

Try Chewable Pills

Ask your veterinarian if your dog’s medication comes in chewable form. These are very helpful when available because they’re usually made to taste like a dog treat. Many dogs happily gobble them up, never knowing they’re actually taking medication.

The Grinding Method

You’ve probably heard of the grinding or crushing method, where you crush pills with a hard object and sprinkle the powder over food. This can be very effective when it’s appropriate, but remember to always check with your vet before crushing pills. Not all medications should be ground up—it may render it ineffective, or administer too high of a dose to your pet at one time, which could be extremely dangerous.

If you’re still having trouble getting your dog to take his pills, consult your Lafayette veterinary professional. He or she can offer more advice and help you get your pet the medicine he needs!

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