Removing a Tick from Your Dog’s Skin

Removing a Tick from Your Dog’s Skin

It’s prime tick season—do you know the protocol for removing one from your dog properly? Here, a Lafayette veterinary professional offers five easy steps to safely removing a tick from your dog’s skin.

Prepare Jar of Alcohol

Pour a small bit of rubbing alcohol in a jar. Once you’ve removed the tick, you’ll place it in this jar to kill it. It’s also helpful if your vet needs to see the tick later—you’ve saved the specimen from the beginning!

Gather Supplies

Before removing the tick, gather the items you’ll need. This includes tweezers, the alcohol jar, the original container of rubbing alcohol, some gauze pads, and a pair of latex gloves for your own safety.

Remove the Tick

Put on yoru gloves, then grasp your tweezers. Rub a small amount of the rubbing alcohol over the bite area, then grasp the tick with the tweezers. Try to get as close to your dog’s skin as possible, right around the tick’s mouth parts. Pull straight outward with an even pressure—don’t twist or jerk it, as it may cause the tick’s pincers to remain in your dog. Once you have the tick, place it in the alcohol jar.

Disinfect Bite Area

Take a gauze pad and wet it with rubbing alcohol. Rub this gently over the bite area, disinfecting it thoroughly. Let it dry completely, and don’t let your dog lick or chew at the area. Remember to disinfect your tweezers with the alcohol and wash your hands once you’re done.

Monitor Bite Area

Over the next few weeks, keep a close eye on the bite area. As soon as you notice any inflammation, redness, swelling, pus, or anything you think might warrant a veterinary opinion, call your Lafayette vet immediately. He or she can advise you further on your dog’s condition and examine the bite zone if necessary. Remember to keep the dead tick until you’re sure your dog is okay!

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